The Design Process


Step one

Make an appointment for Debbie or James to visit. At this meeting we will discuss with you ideas and requirements for your kitchen. This enables us to build a picture of your project. The discussion will include items such as appliances, worktops, lifestyle and budget. Everyone has a budget to work within, and establishing this enables us to suggest the best materials and design for your kitchen. We are also able to work from architects plans which can be a useful starting point if you are not local to the area.


Working with this information, it would not be unusual for us to work on several designs. To view and discuss the options in greater detail a further consultation is offered. This gives you an opportunity to input your thoughts and any further requirements that you may have. We illustrate all our designs on a CAD package that will help you visualise the overall look. Once the design has been agreed we will provide you with a written quote.

Final measure and survey

We visit your home to complete a final measure and survey with a carpenter, who will be responsible for fitting your kitchen. This is a good opportunity to meet with him and to discuss any questions that may arise during our visit. We will schedule a start date for your project and liaise with other contractors, if required.

Preparation work prior to the kitchen fit

When the design/quote has been agreed a 25% deposit is required. We will provide you with a final plan and fitting requirements guide as a point of reference. This is especially helpful if the project involves the services of a builder working on your behalf. Alternatively, when details are provided we can communicate all information directly to your builder, plumber and electrician etc. If guidance is needed on deadlines, we can provide a schedule of works.


Approximately one week prior to the fitting date we will send you an invoice for the balance. All of our kitchen cabinets are hand made, so once the cabinet installation is complete we will arrange for our painter to either paint or oil the cabinets on your behalf. The fitter and painter will invoice you directly once they have finished.

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